By far one of the best ways to enjoy HyperFEST presented by Grassroots Motorsports is the ability to camp out with your friends at a scenic racetrack like VIR.


HyperFEST offers both premium (reserved) and general (non-reserved) camping throughout the property. Some premium camping spots include power, water and sewer hookups, and all premium and general camping spaces have access to VIR’s shower and restroom facilities.

To view the VIR Camping Policies for 2019, please click here.


General (Non-reserved) Camping

Most people that attend HyperFEST choose general camping. General camping is on a first come, first serve basis; and as such, many people arrive right when the gates open on Friday morning to ensure they get their ideal camping spot. So whether you prefer camping trackside and getting that great up close view of the track that comes standard with the loud engine alarm clock the next morning or the family area that is a little more secluded and less rambunctious, it's entirely up to you.

General camping is permitted in designated camping areas roped off for safety. Shower and restroom facilities are indicated on the map below. All general camping can be paid for in advance online when purchasing tickets or at the security gate as you enter VIR. The cost for general camping is as follows:

  • Car/Tent Camping = $50

  • Trackside Car/Tent Camping = $60

  • RV Camping = $100

General Camping Map

For more camping information and rules, visit our Camping Administration Information page.


Premium camping - reservations required

To reserve premium camping locations listed below, call (434) 822-7700 ext. 101. Check-in/check-out time is 5:30 p.m. All vehicles receive a pass that must be taped to the inside of the vehicle windshield that indicates the duration of rental. All rentals are based upon availability.

North Paddock Premium RV Camping

VIR has nine (9) premium RV sites in the North Paddock and offer a spectacular view of the down hill Roller Coaster. These sites each cost $50 per night and include access to power, water and sewer hookups. Additional electrical hookups not associated with the nine premium RV sites is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is charged at an additional $30 per event.

North Paddock Premium RV Space Map


The following reserved RV camping options have no access to electric, water or sewer. Prices for these spaces vary by event.

Family Reserved RV Camping

VIR has nine spaces located in the family campground reserved for RV’s. They are located along the trackside fence south of the Flag Stand at the top of the down hill Roller Coaster. Spaces are ideal for viewing the Full, North and Grand (also referred to as VIRburgring by Car & Driver) Courses and measure 20 feet by 40 feet. VIR recommends bringing blocks as not all spaces are level. This area is restricted to the family campground rules of no alcohol or loud music.

Family Reserved RV Space Map

South Paddock Reserved RV Camping

VIR has 50 spaces located in the South Paddock viewing area which is north of the Paddock along straight away fence – ideal for viewing the Full, South, Patriot and Grand (also referred to as VIRburgring by Car& Driver) Courses. Thirty-four of the spaces are along the track side fence and sixteen are along the wood line. Each space is 20 feet by 40 feet. VIR recommends bringing blocks as not all spaces are level.

South Paddock Reserved RV Space Map

Additional South Paddock Reserved RV Space Map

Hog Pen Reserved RV Camping

VIR has 36 reserved spaces located in the Hog Pen turn area of the track – ideal for viewing the Full, North and Grand (also referred to VIRburgring by Car & Driver) Courses. Twenty-three spaces are along the trackside fence and 13 spaces are along the hill top beside the false grid. Each space is 20 feet by 40 feet. VIR recommends bringing blocks, as not all spaces are level.

Hog Pen Reserved RV Space Map


Is there a family friendly camping area?

Yes! If you are bringing small children, consider using our Family Camping Area. HyperFEST is a place for people of all ages, but we feel a special area for parents and their small children will help provide a better festival experience for all. Expecting parents are also welcome in this area. You don’t need a special ticket to camp here, just head over there and set up or if you need help finding it, ask a staff member. You can find the Family Camping Area on the left side of this map.

I bought a camping pass, do i still need a spectator ticket?

Yes, camping passes do not include the price of admission for spectators. All attendees are required to have a General Admission ticket in order to enter the venue.


No, unlike other events, HyperFEST and VIR want everyone to be able to enjoy the event as easily as possible. Therefore all you need to purchase is one camping pass per tent and then you're welcome to pile as many people in your tent as comfortably you can (think 10+ clowns in a tiny car). 

How Much space do I get?

While VIR has 1,300-acres of land, we do ask that you be considerate of others attending the event and not be excessive in your tent city.
Car camping sites take up about a 10’ x 30’ area. One vehicle allowed and unlimited friends/tents per site.
Tent camping sites take up about a 10' x 15' area as a rule of thumb, but we aren't bringing out a tape measure to verify this. This amount of space generally allows you to place 1-3 tents (obviously it depends on the size of the tents), chairs, table, cooler, etc. comfortably. Again, if you need a little more room, take it.
RV camping sites take up about a 20’ x 40’ area. VIR recommends bringing blocks, as not all spaces are level.

Do I have to sleep in a tent?

No, as long as you are relatively confined within your campsite area, you can sleep in a tent, in your car, in a teepee, in a hammock, or on the ground under the stars. Whatever makes you happy makes us happy. 

CAN I have a campfire?

Unfortunately campfires and ground fires are not allowed. Fires must be contained in a portable and self-contained off the ground fire pit. Campers must also bring their own firewood.

are there showers/restrooms?

Yes, shower and restroom facilities are located on this map.

are there picnic tables we can use?

Yes, picnic tables are available onsite for everyone's use. However, we ask that you do not move or relocate picnic tables from there current locations.

Can I bring my golf cart, pit bike, atv, etc?

All unlicensed pit, paddock and other off-road vehicles (i.e., golf cart, pit bike, ATV, etc.) used at VIR must be registered with VIR and have a current off-road vehicle pass displayed on the vehicle at all times. You can purchase your Off-Road Vehicle Pass online here.

Can I rent a golf cart?

Yes, VIR offers golf carts for rent to both participants and spectators. You can learn more about their golf cart rental options by visiting Golf Cart Rentals.

IS there a map of VIR available?

Yes, you may find it here.


While we prefer warm and sunny days, it doesn't always happen to work out that way. Since the event is in May, showers have been known to make a brief appearance. Because HyperFEST is an outdoor event, we run rain or shine, but that doesn't mean you still can't have fun.