The automotive amusement park

Where else can you enjoy road racing, drifting, time attack, karting, rally, burnouts, driving classes, off-roading, helicopters, car show and meets, power wheel race, lawn mower racing, live music, vendor midway, spectator games, kid zone, camping, and more? HyperFEST is a 3 day festival designed to bring together automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life to one common place... VIRginia International Raceway. We've been at this for over 17 years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about throwing a party. While we want everyone to enjoy HyperFEST to the fullest, we do ask that you read the following to help make the most of yours and others' experiences at HyperFEST.

Recently chosen as one of Car and Driver Magazine’s top six road courses in the nation and known as "America'a Motorsport Resort" , VIR is an amazingly scenic 1300-acre venue that also offers a multitude of in-house, non-race related activities for your friends and family that may not enjoy automotive stuff 100% of the time. For those unlucky individuals, feel free to let them know that VIR has an onsite restaurant/bar, a spa/sauna, and several other amenities that they can enjoy while you play outside with cars, trucks, and whatever else has wheels and a motor. For more information, please visit

chance favors the prepared mind

This event takes place in late May; chances are it can be really hot and humid, cool and dry, or even wet, ...heck it's been all 3 in the same weekend before. In any case, please plan ahead and be prepared. Water, sunscreen, shade, bug spray, rain gear, tent, chairs, coolers, backup batteries (for your cell phones / tablets), etc. You don't want to spend time away from HyperFEST making trips to the store for items you forgot while the rest of your friends are enjoying themselves.

Pumped on being stoked

No one is more pumped on being stoked at HyperFEST than World Champion Drifter and Professional Fun-Haver Vaughn Gittin, JR. That's why we ask that you leave your negativity and worries at home, and enjoy some fun, quality time at the track with your friends. Fist bumps, high fives, smiles, or whatever the kids do these days, feel free to do it here as much as you want provided it's positive and friendly. 

The golden rule, do unto others

We're all here to have a good time, some more than others (which is totally fine too). However, we do ask that you consider the community as a whole and look out for your friends; and extend that same courtesy to new friends, and even friends you haven't met yet. If you see that someone needs a hand, offer it. Not only will you be making his or her day, but you will also serve as an example for others to do it too. Chances are they would do the same for you.

Don't be mean, keep it clean

VIRginia International Raceway is nice (or crazy) enough to let us come in every year and throw one heck of a party at their amazing house. In return, all we ask is that you respect their home, their staff, other attendees, and clean up after yourself. We want to ensure that everyone gets to keep experiencing HyperFEST at VIR and in order to continue doing so, we ask that you recycle what you can, reduce what you can't, and reuse what you got. 

haters gonna hate

We hate being negative, but we've seen it too many times and we're sure you have too. We provide you with ample opportunities over the course of the weekend to experience driving off road in mud and over obstacles, doing burnouts in our Tire Massacre contest, driving at speed on track, and if you don't want to use your own vehicle the opportunity to go for rides in almost all the activities. So please don't try to replicate things on track off the track in other parts of the venue where someone could get seriously hurt, including yourself.

Don't Saturday on a Friday

It never fails to happen, you've been working a ton or been slammed with school and you're just counting down the minutes to get out of town to attend HyperFEST and unwind. The problem is that once you get there; you get carried away the first day and then end up missing the next 2 days while you suffer and recover. Everyone likes to have a good time, just pace yourself throughout the weekend to help ensure you make it to the finish line on Sunday. 

Frequently asked Questions:

When and where is Hyperfest?

HyperFEST is Friday, May 15th through Sunday, May 17th at VIRginia International Raceway, located on the Virginia/North Carolina border. 

VIRginia International Raceway
1245 Pine Tree Road
Alton, VA 24520

Can I buy tickets at the gate?

Yes, however you can save money by purchasing them online in advance here. Tickets generally start out at $35 online and gradually increase as the event nears to $60 at the gate. PRO TIP: You can get through the line faster if you already purchased your tickets and have them ready before arriving.

Why are tickets so cheap?

HyperFEST is fortunate enough to have some great sponsors and partners that help lower the costs of the event and we pass those savings on to you.

Are there any discounts?

We may at select times offer a discount on GA tickets, but they will never be cheaper than our FIRE SALE ticket prices offered when tickets first go on sale.

Are children allowed to attend hyperfest?

Yes, HyperFEST is an all ages event! VIR even has a designated Family Camping Area, for more information, head here. In addition to lots and lots of race cars for them to enjoy, we also have some spectator games geared towards kids, as well as their own dedicated Kid Zone that features several inflatables to keep them entertained and active.

Is there a minimum age requirement to ATTEND?

HyperFEST is an all ages event. Kids 12 and under are free with a paid adult admission ticket.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes, and thank you for your service! All current military will be admitted free and veterans will receive a 50% discount to HyperFEST and all other VIR spectator events. NOTE: Military tickets must be purchased at the VIR Main Gate or at Registration in order to receive discounts as we can not verify for online sales. Just present a valid Government issued military ID to the gate staff when you arrive.

What are the different types of tickets available?

We offer General Admission tickets which are valid for 3 days and all attendees are required to have a GA ticket in order to enter the venue. We also offer three VIP packages (GT, Supercharged, and Turbo) that include a General Admission ticket, and other perks such as premium parking, HyperFEST t-shirt, ride-alongs, etc. Lastly, we offer tickets to participate in the various HyperFEST activities such as ride-alongs, Power Wheels Downhill Attack, HyperDRIVEs, and so on. 

What do I need to enter the venue?

All attendees are required to have a General Admission ticket in order to enter the venue. General Admission tickets are included with all NASA participants, UTCC participants, USDrift participants, SpeedTrendSociety Car Show participants, Off-Road participants, staff, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and media. All attendees will need to arrive with their Etix ticket either printed or available to scan on their mobile device.


If you are a spectator, you will be using the Main Gate for entry into the event. If you are staff, volunteer, vendor, or a participant in the following: NASA, UTCC, USDrift, SpeedTrendSociety, or Off-Road, you will be using the Registration Trailer. The Main Gate hours will be Friday 8:00AM-11:59PM, Saturday 12:00AM-11:59PM, and Sunday 12:00AM-6:00PM. The Registration Trailer hours will be Thursday 4:30PM-8:30PM, Friday 6:45AM-8:30PM, and Saturday 6:45AM-2:00PM. If you need the Registration Trailer and arrive outside the hours of operation, you may use the Main Gate.


The gate hours for spectators will be: Friday 8:00AM-11:59PM, Saturday 12:00AM-11:59PM, and Sunday 12:00AM-6:00PM. Vendors will be able to access the venue beginning at 5:00PM on Thursday. Participants in the following: NASA, UTCC, USDrift, SpeedTrendSociety, or Off-Roadwill will receive packets prior to the event advising them on what time they may arrive.

How much is parking?

Free. We try not to nickel and dime you for every little thing, we just want you to enjoy the event.

Is there a map of VIR?

Yes, you may find it here.

Is there a map of HyperFEST activities?

Yes, although we won't have it ready until the event nears to ensure we include everything at this year's event. Once it's ready, we will have it posted on the website.

What should i Pack?

Everything but the kitchen sink. But seriously, just because you can camp doesn't mean you have to rough it. Here is a list of some things you might want to consider bringing:

  • Rain gear (failure to bring it increases the chance of rain, bringing it decreases the chance of rain)

  • Camping gear (tent, tarp, sleeping bag, pillow)

  • Sweatshirt/windbreaker (it can get chilly overnight)

  • Extra shoes/sneakers (just in case yours get wet, dirty, or you lose them. Don't even ask)

  • Bug spray (we recommend the kind without DEET, but we all know it works better with it)

  • Sunscreen (lots of it and apply it regularly)

  • Hat (although there are a lot of trees at VIR, you probably won't be under any of them if you want to watch all the action)

  • Water (it's May in Virginia, you're going to sweat and you need to stay hydrated)

  • Trash bags (while there are plenty of trash cans around the venue, you don't want to have to make a trip every time you finish a beverage or snack, so fill up a bag and make less trips)

  • Lantern/flashlight/headlamp/batteries (although it gets dark around 9 that time of year, you'll most likely be up later than that and walking around in the dark in an unfamiliar place isn't always the best idea)

  • Extra set of keys (in case you drop or lose yours, 1300+ acres is a lot of ground to cover)

  • Small luggage lock for your tent (while we like to think most people are honest and won't steal, it does happen, and while a luggage lock might not be 100% secure, at least it's better than nothing)

  • Soap/shampoo/towel (there are showers on site, so you might as well freshen up each day)

  • Earplugs (you'd be surprised at how good of an alarm clock a racecar can be at 8AM)

  • Portable radio (you'll probably want some tunes at your campsite at some point throughout the weekend)

Will there be ATMs available?

Yes, there is one located in the North Paddock as seen on this map.

Are there bathrooms and showers?

Yes, in addition to the permanent bathrooms located around VIR, there will be plenty of port-o-potties set up around the venue as well. The showers are located in the North Paddock main concession building restrooms, at the North Paddock grid barn, just outside the North Paddock entrance, and the South Paddock tech shed as seen on this map. Please be considerate regarding water usage and do not waste water in any way.

Food and Beverages

VIR has several permanent onsite food and beverage options you can visit while attending HyperFEST, such as the Oak Tree Tavern and Connie's Pub and the Pagoda Grill. In addition to the VIR fixtures, we will also have several food vendors available for various times of the day. Exact times of operation and availability with vendors will be updated shortly.

Alcoholic Beverages

Sale, possession, and consumption of alcoholic beverages must be in compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia ABC Regulations. Because HyperFEST is a family event, VIR requires that all individuals consuming alcohol do so responsibly while maintaining orderly conduct. No underage drinking is permitted at any time. Beer and wine are available for sale at our concession stands, such as the Oak Tree Tavern, Pagoda Grill, and bars set up during the Japanese Classics After Party. Beer in coolers is permitted for individual consumption. Consumption of alcohol by any participant is expressly prohibited and shall not commence until all official functions of a specific series or event has been completed. 

Illegal Substances

The use of any dangerous drugs or narcotics, as defined by Federal and/or state laws, by any attendee is specifically prohibited, unless prescribed by a doctor. However, any driver, crewmember, mechanic, or staff member found under the influence of marijuana, prescription or not, will be ejected and subject to suspension.

Can I listen to the race announcer on the radio?

Yes, if you are at the event, you can tune in to 89.9 FM and catch all the racing action and commentary.

Can i drive my car in every day and park?

Yes. However, we do ask that you limit the amount of driving once inside the venue when possible. There are a lot of people that walk around HyperFEST; including kids, so please be cautious when driving around inside the venue. And please do no cruise up and down the road, not only does it cause congestion, but it's unnecessary. Simply drive into the venue, proceed to either General Parking or if you’re camping to your campsite (we'll give you a map when you arrive, plus we'll have staff helping direct you), and park. Once parked, if you need to get around and don't feel like walking, we do have several tram stops that will get you around the venue. 

Can I leave and come back?

Yes. When you leave, if you plan on coming back (either that same day or the next), please stop at the Main Gate ticket booth and the staff there will be happy to give you whatever credentials you will need in order to get back into HyperFEST.


Yes, this is HyperFEST. One of the best things about HyperFEST is being able to camp out and hang with old and new friends, as well as enjoy everything this event has to offer. If you'd prefer to not camp out, there is a hotel located onsite at the track (although it sells out fast) and many other hotels available in neighboring towns such as Danville, VA, South Boston, VA, Roxboro, NC, and Milton, NC. 


All unlicensed pit, paddock and other off-road vehicles (i.e., golf cart, pit bike, ATV, etc.) used at VIR must be registered with VIR and have a current off-road vehicle pass displayed on the vehicle at all times. You can purchase your Off-Road Vehicle Pass online here.


Yes, VIR offers golf carts for rent to both participants and spectators. You can learn more about their golf cart rental options by visiting Golf Cart Rentals.

Can I bring my pet?

VIR discourages bringing pets to the track. However, pets will be allowed if they are leashed and cleaned up behind. Otherwise, VIR will locate the owner and both will be asked to leave. Do not take leashed pets onto False Grid or pit areas. Pets are not allowed in any of VIR’s buildings, concession areas, or lodging locations. If pets are found in lodging locations, guests are subject to a cleaning fee of $100 for The Lodge at VIR and the Pit Lane Rooms and $200 at The Villas at South Bend. Please do not leave pets in vehicles unattended.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, and we would appreciate all the help we can get. For more information on volunteering, please head over here.

Are General Admission tickets transferrable?

Yes, if you can't make it to the event or want to give yours away that is fine. We don't track whose name is on the ticket, so as long as you have a valid ticket you are able to enter.


16 & 17 year olds may participate provided they have a valid State or Government issued ID, a parent present during the event, and a waiver signed by both parties.


For a list of available options, please visit VIR's Fuel Information Page for current information on fuel grades offered.

Lost & Found

If you lose something, hopefully someone will turn it in. You are welcome to stop by the VIR Administration Building (as seen on this map) and check to see if your item has been recovered during daytime hours. 

Is there a mobile app?

While HyperFEST does not have a mobile app, VIR does. And included on the VIR app during the HyperFEST weekend will be an activities map, schedule, and other helpful items to make your visit to HyperFEST and VIR more enjoyable. The VIR app is available for Apple products on the App Store and Android products on Google Play.

Will there be a livestream of HyperFEST?

Please check back as it gets closer to the event to find out if we will be livestreaming the event.


While we prefer warm and sunny days, it doesn't always happen to work out that way. Since the event is in May, showers have been known to make a brief appearance. Because HyperFEST is an outdoor event, we run rain or shine, but that doesn't mean you still can't have fun. 

How do i become a vendor?

If you or your company/organization would like to have a vendor booth at HyperFEST, simply head over here.

How do I become a partner or sponsor?

Thank you for being interested in being a part of HyperFEST. For more information, head over here.

What can or Can't I bring and/or DO?


Alcohol (link to VIR policy)
Portable Camping Grill/Cook Outs (link to VIR policy)
Generator (link to VIR policy)
ATVs, Golf Carts, Mini Bikes (link to VIR policy)
Pets (link to VIR policy)


Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Illegal Substances
Vending (sharing, yes. Selling, only if you are a vendor)
Campfires/Ground fires (link to VIR policy)
Climbing on/over fences
Hover Boards or single wheeled powered vehicles
Smoking in any buildings or on "hot" track areas

Safety and Medical

We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment at HyperFEST. On-site security will be available 24 hours a day throughout the event and emergency medical staff will be available a half hour prior to and a half hour after the track is hot. If you need any assistance, please ask any HyperFEST, VIR, or security staff member for assistance. 

first aid SERVICES

WHERE: First Aid is located in the North Paddock, as denoted by the red cross in a white circle on this map.

Lots of things can happen on at HyperFEST: bee stings, arm-wrestling injuries, dehydration, or just a splinter. That’s why there is First Aid with VIR medical staff for your safety.

security STAFF

WHERE: You can find our security staff roaming through every campground, course, building, let's just say the entire venue.

Our security staff is trained to help make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe. If you have a security issue in the campgrounds, don't worry, security is available 24 hours a day. Security patrols in golf carts and trucks will roam the campground areas at all times and can assist you if needed. If security does address you and ask you to do something (like turn the music down to a reasonable level late at night), we ask that you oblige and do so respectfully. They don't enjoy raining on your parade any more than you do, they're just doing their job to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

All vehicles may be searched while on VIR property (which you should definitely keep in mind when deciding what to bring).


The roads inside VIR might not look like the city streets you're accustomed to, but for emergency and maintenance vehicles, they do the job as long as you keep them open. Which is what we ask you to do. Please park in designated areas only and don’t drive around the site. If you park in a place other than where you are supposed to, you might get towed. Walk on the sides of the roads, and please let all official vehicles through, as it could be time sensitive.