Lawn mower Racing

If it has a motor, chances are it's at HyperFEST presented by Grassroots Motorsports, and that even holds true for lawn mowers. Some of the fastest lawn mowers in the country will be racing around their own custom track at this year's event.

Virginia Lawn Mower Racing Association (VLMRA)

The VLMRA began as the Northern Neck Lawnmower Racing Association and has been around for over 16 years. It was started by a small group of people from the Northern Neck of Virginia that decided to soup up their mowers to have some fun. VLMRA joined the National Group ARMA (American Racing Mower Association) in 2006. VLMRA has some of the fastest mowers in the country. VLMRA members have claimed many Regional and National ARMA Championships. VLMRA hosts 7-10 races a year, mostly in central and eastern Virginia and ARMA hosts 2-3 races in the state each year.

VLMRA and ARMA have racers in eight classes from stock all the way up to the Super Modified Class, which has machines that have been clocked at over 90-mph on a big track.

Lawnmower classes are determined by the type and size of lawnmower engine, frame size and type, and drive set up.