You asked for more drifting and more partying, so 3 days of open drifting (with no competition) is back at HyperFEST!

There will be 60 spots available this year on a first come, first serve basis. To maximize track time for everyone, there will be room for 40 A-Group and 20 B-Group drivers.


A-GROUP is designed for drivers that exhibit great car control. They can complete the course without any issues, are generally looking to improve minor areas of their skill set, and are comfortable running tandem with other drivers. In addition to their skill level, A-GROUP drivers must also have the required additional safety equipment in their vehicle; this includes, but is not limited to an approved 6-point roll cage, helmet, race suit, gloves, shoes, and harness.

 B-GROUP is designed for drivers that have a general understanding of car control. They can complete the course with minimal issues; such as minor straightening, running off the desired line, and occasionally going off course. Drivers that exhibit A-GROUP skills, but may lack the required safety equipment to run tandem would also be designated to B-GROUP. 

While we would love for everyone to be able to participate in this event, due to the nature of this event, it is recommended that novice drivers refrain from participating. USDrift will have several other drift events this year and possibly at VIR that you may attend.


All vehicles must pass a basic technical inspection prior to being allowed on track. The technical inspection form for this event can be found here.

A-Group drivers that would like to run tandem will need to have an approved roll cage, harness, race suit, and seat. For more information, please reference any PRO/AM series rulebook or the USDrift one found here.

If you have any questions regarding tech, please email Ben Portyrata at ben[at]usdrift.com.



We will be running on the 12-turn, 1.1-Mile Patriot Course clockwise and alternating between A and B run groups. Drivers will be paddocked in the Patriot Paddock and nearby areas for overflow.

We will have a tire changer onsite in the Patriot Paddock for all three days.

NOTE: Drift entry includes two 3 Day GA tickets. Camping is not included, however you may camp at your paddock space or in another camping location with the purchase of a pass.

  • Car/Tent Camping Pass - purchase this option if you are sleeping in a tent, car trailer, or have a pop-up camper of 20’ or less

  • RV Camping Pass - purchase this option if you are sleeping in a Motorhome or travel camper



Friday, May 17

9:00AM - Drift Group A
9:40AM - Drift Group B
10:20AM - Drift Group PRO
10:40AM - Drift Group A
11:20AM - Drift Group B
12:00PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #1
12:20PM - Drift Group A
1:00PM - Drift Group B
1:40PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #2
2:00PM - Drift Group A
2:40PM - Drift Group B
3:20PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #3
3:40PM - Drift Group A
4:20PM - Drift Group B

Saturday, May 18

8:00AM - Drift Group A
8:40AM - Drift Group B
9:20AM - HyperDRIVE #1
9:40AM - Drift Group A
10:20AM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #4
11:00AM - Drift Group B
11:40AM - HyperDRIVE #2
12:00PM - Drift Group A
12:40PM - Drift Group B
1:20PM - HyperDRIVE #3
1:40PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #5
2:20PM - HyperDRIVE #4
2:40PM - Monster Energy Drink Drift Demo
3:50PM - HyperDRIVE #5
4:10PM - Drift Group A
4:50PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #6
5:30PM - Drift Group B
6:10PM - Drift Group A
6:50PM - Drift Group B

Sunday, May 19

10:00AM - Drift Group A
10:30AM - Drift Group B
11:00AM - Drift Games
12:40PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #7
1:10PM - Drift Group A
1:50PM - Drift Group PRO - Drift Rides #8
2:20PM - Drift Group B
3:00PM - Drift Group A
3:40PM - Drift Group B
4:20PM - Drift Groups A & B