Volunteers play a vital role in ensuring the success of every HyperFEST. Whether you’ve volunteered at 100’s of events or never volunteered at an event, we can always use your help to make the event better. 

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers work all over HyperFEST to support the staff, fans, sponsors, and drivers to ensure that everyone at HyperFEST has an unforgettable, exciting, fun, and safe time while attending the event. As a volunteer, you could be doing anything from helping set up the event, to keeping a watchful eye on various entry points, to helping spectators get around the event, or even simply putting on a smile and greeting everyone as they attend the event. It's all up to you and what your personal interests are!

What do I get for volunteering?

All volunteers get access to HyperFEST and may enjoy the event whenever they're not working. You'll also receive your own t-shirt to show everyone that you are part of HyperFEST, meal passes for every shift that you work, beverages, free Car/Tent Camping pass, and behind the scenes access to the event.  Most importantly, volunteers get the sense of being a huge part of something special, the experience of working at a major automotive festival, and playing a vital role in everyone's great time! 

How do I volunteer?

  • Read through all of the information available on this page, as well as the overall event FAQs

  • Fill out the application form (2019 application window has closed)

  • Choose your work

    • PRE-SHOW: Minimum work requirement of 12 hours divided up into two, 6-hour shifts. Must be able to come on site on Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18. All PRE-SHOW volunteers will be done with their work requirements by mid-day Friday, May 18. PRE-SHOW is only available to returning volunteers and are extremely limited in the number of positions.

    • DURING SHOW: Minimum work requirement of 12 hours spread into two, 6-hour shifts. Must be able to come on site Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19. You are free to enjoy HyperFEST outside of your 6-hour work shifts.

  • If approved, you will receive confirmation within 10 days of your submission. After that, you will have 48 hours to respond to confirm and guarantee your spot on the team.

  • Schedules will be released at least two (2) weeks prior to when you are required to be on-site. This will allow you to know when you're supposed to be working and give you an idea of what your free time at HyperFEST will look like.

  • Check-in once you arrive at the event. Once checked in, you will receive your credentials and any other pertinent information.

  • Lastly, work your shifts and enjoy yourself! Be sure to check in 10-15 minutes before your shifts. All volunteers are expected to be on time, sober, and wearing appropriate clothing for your shift.

    • Always wear your HyperFEST staff shirt when you're working and be sure to wear something else when you're not (so you won't get asked a bunch of questions and can enjoy your time off).

    • No open toed shoes or sandals (unless we're using you as a model).

    • Think about the type of work that you're going to be doing when deciding what to wear. Will it be possible in a dress? A toga? Lederhosen? Showing up in inappropriate clothing or without proper shoes could result in forfeiture of your shift and access to HyperFEST.

    • Be sure to bring sunscreen, a water bottle, and a snack. Please note, we may not have anywhere for you to store your stuff and some jobs may not allow you to have a backpack of any kind while you are working.

    • Be sure to stay at your assigned location and task until you are either taken to another work place or have been dismissed by a staff member. That's the only way you can be sure that your shift gets noted as completed.

    • Meal passes can be used at any of the vendors at HyperFEST and will be given out daily.

Frequently Asked Questions:

DO I still need a general admission ticket?

No! Working your required shifts is your volunteer ticket. We do not refund tickets if you buy them before you find out if you have been confirmed as a volunteer. We cannot refund tickets once purchased, so please do not buy with the intention of exchanging it for a volunteer ticket. 

I already bought a ticket, but I'd like to help out for a few hours, can I do that?

Unfortunately, no. Although we appreciate the gesture, however we need all of our volunteers to commit to working at least 12 hours to make scheduling easier for everyone.

How old do you have to be?

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. 

If I fill out an application, how likely is it that I'll be chosen?

Unless you've volunteered in the past and done something wrong, chances are you can pretty much guarantee that your application will be accepted. We will check in with you multiple times down the road, so be sure to confirm you are still volunteering each that it is asked of you.

Can I work with my friends?

We will try our best to assign you with your friends, however it may not be possible all of the time. The more flexible you all are with your schedule, the more likely we will be able to get you on the same shifts. It also helps if you submit your applications at the same time, as some positions fill faster than others and we may not have enough room for all of you if one person gets in before the others.

What perks are included for volunteers?

Depending on each year's event, certain perks or benefits may be available, however all volunteers will at least get free entry to the event, a shirt, a food voucher for each shift worked, and a great experience. If you enjoy being around automotive events, socializing with other like-minded enthusiasts, and are interested in volunteering at HyperFEST, you're our man or woman for the job. 

As a volunteer, do I have to purchase a camping pass?

No, as a volunteer you will be given a camping pass valid for the entire weekend.

Do volunteers get to participate in any activities?

Yes, volunteers are welcome to participate in any activity they are eligible for provided it is not during their scheduled shift and they have registered for it. 

I'm not able to do any physical labor, can I still help?

Sure! Volunteer positions are open to anyone and everyone. Just be sure to let us know when you submit your application to ensure we don't schedule you in a physical labor shift. If for some reason you get on site and don't think you can handle a specific job, no worries. Simply speak up and we'll find something else for you to do.